psychologist fritjof løvik in oslo

Psychologist Fritjof Løvik in Oslo

Psychologist with a privat practice situated on Majorstuen in Oslo.

About the psychologist / therapy

I have always been interested in learning about people and the world. This has given me a breadth of knowledge and experience, which I bring with me into the therapy room. I am opposed to standardized treatment, and believes each client should have his/her own treatment design, and be seen as a whole person. My therapeutic approach is also eclectic, which means I don't limit myself to one direction in psychology (e.g., cognitive, dynamic or existential). Instead, I'm largely open to the client needs and wants, and works on the basis of person and theme/problem.

About therapy

[The goal with therapy] If you have experienced problems for a long time, the world may seem static and insensitive to you're efforts to better your situation. You have to get back the belief that the world can be conquered, and that the world is good and meaningful! One must regain hope, faith, and a sense of mastery. There are many therapeutic tool to do this.

Therapy is often about creating hope and faith, and then crystallize this, through understanding, awareness, knowledge and behavior, to mastery and meaning.

[My approach to therapy] The first consultation usually begins with getting to know you and your situation, focusing on the particular issue. The conversation can partly be as a normal conversation, partly as a consultation, partly as an interview and partly as coaching.

I strive for a all inclusive therapy, where one can explore feelings and thoughts in an open, non-judgmental, manner. Most topics can be of interest in providing a complete picture. In many ways therapy as a detective process, where one looks for clues and makes theories, to understand the client more or less unconscious way of being. This can be important background info, in trying to solve problems, and optimize functioning. Therapy also has similarities with the scientific method, where one tests the theories in the real world. By trial and error you can find out what works for you. But it is also important to find a psychologist you can work well with.

Which psychologist should you choose?

[Course of treatment]

Most treatments will take some time, but improvement/change usually starts quite quickly. Usually you get a good idea in the first consultation, whether the psychologist is right for you. This can e.g. noticed by the way you're being meet and understood, and how much help you feel you are getting. If you are not sure whether you have chosen the right psychologist in the first three consultations, you should probably look for a new psychologist.


Most of my clients are satisfied with the treatment, but it can be difficult to know in advance what psychologist suits you, and expensive to try many. Therefor I have a guarantee for the first singel session. If you are not satisfied, you get the first single session for free. In which case there is no need to give any reason, but it is desirable, as I would like to get feedback, and learn from my mistakes and become a better psychologist.

Education & Experience

I got my education as a Cand.psych. from NTNU in Trondheim and the University of Bergen, and I'm a state certified psychologist. I have practiced at the Faculty of Psychology at UIB and at the Center for Crisis Psychology in Bergen. I started my private practice in Oslo in 2013.

Through my practice I have gained experience with most psychological issues. I have treated people who have been through some of the hardest things in life, like cancer, loss of close family, and trauma, and simpler things like simple anxiety and phobias. I want to have breadth in my practice, and learn as much as possible. I think learning about different disorders/problems gives you multiple perspectives on the human condition, and thus understand it in a more comprehensive manner.

I also go to supervision/therapy with a psychologist myself, to further my development and get help with academic issues.

[Eternal student] As I started this page, I will also end it. I like to learn. I see myself as an eternal student, since one can never be fully trained. The ideal is lifelong quest to learn and develop myself, and the goal is to be among the best psychologists in Norway.

Please send me feedback (criticism, praise and questions) through the contact form under "prices / available hours".

Psychologist Fritjof Løvik
Org nr: 911 756 420

"The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases"
- Jung

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"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."
- William James

Psychologist Fritjof Løvik in oslo
Fritjof Løvik

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
- Frankl

Faculty of Psychology University of bergen

The game of life is the game of everlasting learning. At least it is if you want to win.
- Charlie Munger