psychologist fritjof løvik in oslo

Psychologist Fritjof Løvik in Oslo

Psychologist with a privat practice situated in downton Oslo.


There are many reasons to consult a psychologist. Sometimes it is because of a specific event or experience that you have difficulty understanding or deal with, and you need help to adapt and find new ways to cope. Other times it is not because of one problem, but multiple problematic aspects of life and a more or less vague feeling that things are not right. Has it been a long time since you last were happy? Are there normal things you avoid doing because of fear?

I am problem-focused, but I am sensitive to the fact that many problems must be illuminated by the history of the client, and that it can be problematic to progress too fast in therapy. Therapy should be a safe place in which to explore difficult feelings and thoughts, therefor some of my values as a therapist are: respect, empathy, authenticity and transparency. As a psychologist, I am also bound by confidentiality, so you can be assured that your information will not be disclosed and will be processed in a secure way.

I provide treatment for e.g.:

  • Anxiety / phobia / fear / worry
  • Trauma / abuse / grief
  • Obsessive thoughts/actions
  • Addiction
  • Depression / sadness / unmotivated / burnout
  • Social problems, problems in relationships with others, couples therapy, social anxiety / hypersensitivity
  • Problem functioning in everyday life/work
  • Problems accepting something?
  • Or do you feel that something is wrong, but are not quite able to describe what?

I'm located in a nice office at Kvadraturen in Oslo. I work with clients above the age of 18. You do not need a doctors referral.

Psychologist Fritjof Løvik

Depression, sadness and trauma

Anxiety and mental health